important note

It is a great advantage to invest in Hafnium with a low zirconium content, because this material will - by strong difficult working conditions and extremely cost intensive extraction - ultimately result in massive shortage.

Hafnium with a low zirconium content (Zr < 0,2%) is many times more expensive that with a high content (e.g. Zr < 4%).


Hafnium (Hf+Zr min. 99,9% (Zr < 0,2%))

field of application

  • computer chips
  • laser
  • nuclear industry
  • semiconductor
  • catalyst

production quantity 2010

    approx. 70 tonnes

      required quantity 2030

        reliable expectations relating to future demands does not apply.

        Hafnium is demanded by the following industries:

        • glass and ceramics industry
        • elektronik industry
        • metal industry
        • automobil industry
        • chemical industry
        • facility industry
        • semiconductor industry

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