They are the future; they belong in every portfolio - Special metals

Security through tangible assets

Gallium, Indium and Germanium are not ancient tribes, but the names of some very interesting special metals. Like the rare earth group, they are also essential for the production of many high-tech products. Thus they move increasingly into focus by investors who want to diversify their portfolios to hedge the risk by adding tangible assets.

These investments are not always made of paper

These technology metals are also of great strategic importance, as they are scarce on the one hand, and are being limited by the main supplier China, on the other. This contrasts with many high-tech industries such as automotive, electronics, energy and aerospace, which rely on the use of special metals.
But not all special metals are suitable as a physical investment. The metals that are in high demand by both industrialized and emerging markets and are expected to yield high growth rates, are the most interesting to investors.

On the following pages we would like to present some of the most interesting special metals.