the gold of the "man in the street"

Silver has a strength as industrial raw material as well as cash value. 

Investors values the dual nature of the white glittering metal. Its not just a fear currency, furthermore an industrial metal in demand. Because of its high electrical conductivity, it will increasingly be used in the electronic industry but also in the photovoltaics production.

Silver should reasonably resume its role as hedge against monetary inflation as well as an opportunity for growing economy.

Economy nobelist Milton Friedman denoted even silver as the most important metal money in history!

significant industrial applications

  • jewellery/silverware
  • photography
  • silver brazing
  • catalysts
  • solar modules
  • water purification 
  • wood prevention
  • battary
  • mirror and silvered glass
  • plasma screens
  • medical equipment

production quantity

35,877 tonnes have been produced in 2011 (incl. recycling)

mining reserves

510,000 tonnes eligible expenditure have been estimated in 2011

required quantity

26,983 tonnes worldwide have been required in 2011

jewellery/silverware:7.201 t
photography:3.019 t
electronic:6.817 t
silver brazing:1.452 t
catalysts:756 t
ETF/index funds:250 t
coinage:3.135 t
other industrial sectors (in total):4.353 t