Brilliantly positioned

An investment in the traditional precious metals:
Gold, silver and platinum

While gold has been known since 6000 BC, silver has been known to mankind since 4000 BC The special fascination of gold and silver is reflected in the fact that these metals were used in early civilizations and in antiquity for jewelry and ceremonial objects. In addition, they have always been the ideal monetary metal.

Other precious metals such as platinum, however, were more difficult to melt and to process. Therefore, they obtained a greater economic impact only in the 19th century.

Why gold and silver adorn each portfolio

Euro and financial crisis, government debt, inflation risks: These are not easy times for investors. The last few months have shown the importance of a diversified portfolio that covers all asset classes, valuable tangible assets are of particular interest.

Gold, silver or platinum do not yield any interests or dividends, but they secure against nominal depreciation in difficult times.

Precious metals have proven their value for centuries: as a commodity, as a global currency, as an investment or simply as an "object of desire". Precious metals were and are the definitive crisis investment.

To invest a portion of one’s assets in precious metals consequently appears to be rational.