Technology metals - an investment in the future

Increasing demand

We live in a time of a growing hunger for strategic commodities. The reasons: fast-paced technological advances, a growing world population and emerging markets that are becoming prosperous industrialized countries with a strong demand for high-tech products.

China's near-monopoly

About 90% of the rare earths and up to 80% of the special metals come from one country of origin - China. In addition, the Middle Kingdom has slashed its export quotas in recent years, sometimes drastically. This is due to their own ever-growing needs, the establishment of strategic reserves, and last but not least the desire for a shift of Western high-tech production facilities to China.

Follow us with the further development to an exciting future.

Important note to investors:

With an investment in strategic resources the properties and condition as well as the trade size of each product should be chosen so, as to meet the current industry standard. In the event of resale on the open market, these criteria are crucial factors when it comes to pricing

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