Recent sale prices of 19.07.2021

Rare earth

DysprosiumoxidDy₂O₃/TREO min. 99,5%651,30553,00
NeodymoxidNd₂O₃/TREO min. 99,0%137,20116,50
PraseodymoxidPr₆O₁₁/TREO min. 99,0%125,70106,70
TerbiumoxidTb₄O₇/TREO min. 99,99%2.118,601.798,80

Special metals

Galliummin. 99,995%558,20473,90
Germaniummin. 99,999%2.099,301.782,40
HafniumHf+Zr min. 99,9% (Zr < 0,2%)1.422,201.207,50
Indiummin. 99,995%357,00303,10
RheniumRe min. 99,99%1.563,301.327,30

Prices for precious metals on request.

All prices are net, duty-free and VAT-exempt and just for indication only.

The minimum amount for a purchase is 5,000 euros net.

Please call, we will make you a binding offer.

The commodities gadolinium oxide and yttrium oxide can not be stored for new customers at present.