Strategic Commodities – A reasonable Investment

Rare Earths and Special Metals

Strategic commodities have what it takes. These include, in addition to special metals such as gallium and indium, the so-called rare earths with such adventurous names such as neodymium, dysprosium and terbium. Without them neither mobile phones nor flat-screen monitors would work, and they are indispensable for many other entertainment, energy and communication technologies.

Booming Market

Due to the great significance for our future, experts are expecting a boom in this special commodity.
And you can benefit by investing physically in this new asset class thanks to MetaErden.

Physical direct investment rather than shares

The advantage is obvious. When you buy in shares or share baskets (certificates, ETFs and funds) you invest in mining companies or processors of these commodities. But with a direct investment you will become the owner of the physical commodity, which is the metal or the metal oxide.
This offers not only protection in the event of cooperate insolvency insolvency, but also ensures a performance that matches the metal price by 1:1.

Seize this great opportunity and invest now with MetaErden in this promising new asset class.